<Broadway Teachers Workshop 2018> Photo Highlights

The workshop was held in A.R.T./New York Theatres & Pearl Studios in Broadway New York. Conducted by numerous award-winning artists, designers, directors and choreographers from Broadway and MTI. Our Musical Director Gillian was there to learn from all the professionals and share their passion for Musical Theatre.

"I am very pleased to have such opportunities to meet and learn from all these incredible people from the real Broadway world. The workshop contains exquisite teaching examples from well-known Broadway productions, the ideas and insights they shared among the group are very helpful and inspirational to me as a musical teacher, both for my professional practise and my future coaching career." - Gillian Ho

*Photos are some of the star-coaches and facilitators of the workshop: Kimberly Grigsby, Andrew Gerly, Alex Sanchez, Patti Murin, Lonny Price, Sheryl Kaller, Ian Weinberger, Denis Jones and Jonalyn Saxer.


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