Mermen Easter Roll 《娛人音樂劇春季訓練營》

Doorway to Musicals! 「跟我們一起走進音樂劇!」

* Enrolment Deadline: 17 Feb 2017
* 截止報名日期:2017年2月17日

Mermen Easter Roll is a musical project with 100 training hours and a mini-production.

A comprehensive training is a perfect platform for musical-lovers to enhance their skills.  As well as the final performances in a cozy blackbox theatre, enjoyment and learning are gained.

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Instructor List 導師包括:
Musical Director, Singing Instructor 音樂總監、唱歌指導:Gillian Ho 何冠儀
Choreographer 舞蹈指導:Tommy Poon 潘耀忠、Boaz Chan 陳政樺
Acting Instructor 戲劇指導:Ruby Kwan 關珮茵、Yentl Ho 何悅欣
Creative Director 創意總監:Salena Chung

Audition Date 遴選日期:25-26 Feb 2017

訓練日期:2017年3月18, 19, 25, 26日;4月 1, 2, 8, 9, 14-18日

Programme Details:
Participant: Age 8 or Above
Training Date: 18, 19, 25, 26 Mar & 1, 2, 8, 9, 14- 18 Apr 2017
Performances: 21-23 Apr 2017
Time: To be confirmed
Venue: Unit 11, 12/F, Vanta Industrial Centre, 21-33 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung
Fees: HK$3500 (both of you enjoy a HK$300 off if you bring your friend along!)

Enquiries 查詢
School Administrator: Ms. Ruby Kwan
Facebook: Mermen Musical School (Feel free to inbox)
Tel: 2411 1118

Please bank-in to the following bank account and send us by email at the bank-in slip for record, on or before 20th Feb (Mon):
請於2017年2月20日 (星期一) 前,將總值金額存入以下戶口,並將入數紙/記錄電郵至 以作核對:

Name of Bank : Hang Seng Bank 恒生銀行
A/C Name: Mermen Theatre
A/C No.: 933-081168-001

* Once an enrollment is considered successful, the course fees are non-refundable
* Photos taken during the course of the programme may be used for future marketing and promotional purposes.
* Participants are responsible for their own safety at all times during the course of the programme.


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