《Mermen Audition Bootcamp》

*Enrollment deadline: 2 Dec 2016

A Musical Workshop Leading to An Exploratory Journey

Mermen Audition Bootcamp is a musical theatre intensive course, which leads you to develop effective skills; AND, we prepare actors/actresses for Mermen's upcoming production in April 2017.
《Mermen Audition Bootcamp》提供訓練及遴選、學習有效的技巧;也為 Mermen Theatre 來年四月的演出,找尋合適的演員。

This bootcamp is an afternoon course.  Participants will be facilitated by our experienced musical teaching team, including our musical director, acting coaches and choreographers for your singing, acting, voice, movement development through observation and application.

Participants’ performances will be given instinct feedback as well as audited for upcoming production.

Best of the best perhaps. Potentials are unleashing the max.
We look forward to welcoming you onto our Mermen Audition Bootcamp!

Book now to avoid disappointment!

Instructor List:
(Musical Director, Singing Instructor) 音樂總監、唱歌指導
Gillian Ho 何冠儀
(Choreographer) 舞蹈指導
Tommy Poon 潘耀忠
(Acting Instructor) 戲劇指導
Ruby Kwan 關珮茵

Programme Coordinators:
(Creative Director) 創意總監
Salena Chung


Programme Details:
Participant: Age 8 or Above
Time: 18th Dec 2016, 1pm - 6pm
Venue: Balletopia (Flat C&D, 11/F Lee Ka Industrial Building, 8 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.)
Fees: HKD$420 (both of you enjoy a 10% off if you bring your friend along!)
Class Size: 30 at maximum (on a first-come-first-serve basis)

E-enrollment Form 網上報名表:https://goo.gl/forms/XUy3VBTOaBg8HHJq1

Enquiries 查詢
School Administrator: Ms. Ruby Kwan
Email: training@mermenproduction.com
Facebook: Mermen Musical School (Feel free to inbox)
Tel: 2411 1118

Please bank-in to the following bank account and send us by email at training@mermenproduction.com the bank-in slip for record by 2nd December 2016 (Fri): 請於2016年12月2日 (星期五) 前,將總值金額存入以下戶口,並將入數紙/記錄電郵至 training@mermenproduction.com 以作核對:

Name of Bank : Hang Seng Bank 恒生銀行
A/C Name : Mermen Production Limited
A/C No. : 933-054389-883

* Once an enrollment is considered successful, the course fees are non-refundable

* Photos taken during the course of the programme may be used for future marketing and promotional purposes.

* Participants are responsible for their own safety at all times during the course of the programme.


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